Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One of the many ways that I serve in our community is through scouting. At our church scouting is a calling that we receive from our leaders.(in other communities is a volunteer position.) I will be honest...when I got called to scouts I cried for (at least) three days. C was only 5 and the scouting part of life seemed so far away. And here I am 4 years later and I have served in 3 different scouting positions and... wait for it... I have grown to LOVE it!

 My friend often told me that you can't help but to love those who you serve. I have found this to be true. At one point last year we had 12 boys in our Wolf den (HOLY SMOKES! That is a lot of 8-year-olds!) I will admit that some of the boys took me longer to love than others, but I truly love them. One of the most satisfying experiences I have had as a scout leader is seeing the boys who were in my den pass the sacrament as they are now Turing 12! WOW! I can't believe how fast time FLIES!

Last Month C turned 8 and he has moved out of my den and into the Bear den.  Oh how bitter sweet that was for me.  Part of me wanted to move on up with him! But after his first week he came home thrilled and happy and telling me how much he loved Bears.  It makes my heart happy to know that he has such great leaders that will make this year fun for him.

Here is a little pic of all the fun we had at Pack Meeting last week.  There was an arrow of light, lots of rank advancements and super fun games.  The theme was cooperation so they played games that took all four people to cooperate to accomplish their goal.

Was there ever a calling that you received or a job that was given to you that you were so sad and stressed about... and then grew to love?

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