Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

I have always loved this picture.  I got it for a gift at Carter's baby shower and it has hung on his wall ever since. I have found my two boys in this same pose more than a few times. Love it.

We had a wonderful weekend full of family gatherings.  It started Friday celebrating with my family and my dad.  Then Saturday we celebrated with my in-laws. and Sunday it was just us three and a perfect Sabbath day of rest.  I am so blessed to have such amazing men in my life.  Let's start with my dad...

I have lots of fun memories with my dad.  He was always there for me.  He coached me in softball.  He took us with him on his landscaping jobs, was a good cook... and a strict parent.  He taught me how to work hard, be honest, and have fun. My dad is a wonderful Grandpa.  He currently has 4 grandkids who light up his life.  Their pictures are plastered all over his office and they love to chat with him on the phone at night.  They all enjoy swimming at his house all summer when he sets up his big pool.  Lots of memories made in that backyard!

My Father-in-law... OOOPS!  We must have been having way too much fun because I forgot to take ONE picture!  I am so blessed to call this man DAD.  I never knew I could love my in-laws like my parents, but it is true.  I DO. He may be getting up there in years, but he is a kid at HEART!  He still is playing games with us and is super tough... even more than most of us.  I love his stories about the "Good Old Days".  He is so compassionate and is busy helping others all the time.  When it snows at their house (they get a lot) and he spends ALL day clearing 8 - 10 driveways, most of them widows.  He never once complains about it either. He is a such a good example to us to truly give of ourselves daily.

When they say a way to a mans heart is through is stomach... and we all laugh... I think sometimes it is TRUE!  How did we show Clark that we love him on Sunday?  Well, I put his favorite breakfast casserole in the crock pot the night before so it would be ready before our 9 AM church.  Served breakfast in bed and ALL.  After church he got a little nap... who doesn't love a Sunday nap? Then we made his favorite dinner... CHINESE FOOD!  I am by no means a great cook for that, but I I do have a few recipes I love.  We made sesame chicken and ham fried rice.  Total hit!  His present consisted of new work shoes, orange tic tacs and reeses peanut butter cups.  He was happy!

These father's are real-life super hero's.  They posses every quality that I would want to teach to my children.  I posted this video that summed up my feelings so well, I had to share it here too.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Letter

It is always hard to know how to start a letter like this...
    To whom it may concern...
    Dear Friend.....
    Dear Birth Parents...
and the only thing that feels right is...
Dear Hero,

Thank You for taking the time to get to know us a little.  Clark and I have been married for 14 years.  We dated for 4 years before that so it is official… I have now loved him for more than half my life.  We were blessed with a son, Carter, who is 7.  He is in first grade, active in sports, getting ready to be baptized and excited to be a big brother.  Clark works hard to provide for our family and is active in his calling at church that keep him busy, but he always finds time to spend with his family. Tracie works part time while Carter is at school, and owns her own business in digital design and photography.  One of our favorite things to do as a family is relax and play board games!  We also Snowmobile, Camp, four-wheel, hike, and enjoy bike riding as a family.

 If you were to walk through our home you may notice a common theme… Hero’s!  From the time Clark was little he loved everything Superman.   Then, when I came into the picture, I became a fan too.  The theme of Super Hero’s is one that has followed us wherever we go.  It has made us terrific friends, cute pictures, and even home d├ęcor.  Our Son Carter has continued our love and just in time with the come-back of Superman, Ironman, and the Avengers. You may be wondering why we are starting our letter off with this unlikely topic, and there are several reasons.
                First, we consider you a Hero.  Whether you decide to place with us or not, you are demonstrating a level of bravery, courage, and selfless sacrifice like no one else can comprehend.  You will always be a Hero in our home.
                Second, is there a better adoption story than Superman?  You can’t help but love Martha and Jonathan Kent, but Clark Kent would not have grown into the Hero that he is without the influence and love of his birth parents as well.  They sent him to Earth because it was better for him and saved his life, but they also knew the force of good he could be for the planet.  I know that by deciding to place your baby in our home you will be showing that same level of love and will bless our family beyond measure.
Clark and I have an amazing family.  We live close by to all our siblings and parents.  Knowing how close we are, we also realize that your decision to place your child in our home is a decision that will affect many of your friends and family.   When Carter was little, one of his favorite songs was from a show called “Signing Times”.  When I think of your family I hear the words in my head “My mom has a mom and she’s my grandma. My Dad has a Dad, and he’s my Grandpa… There are many, many people who love me. “We know that there are many people who love and want what’s best for your child.  What a blessing it will be for him/her  to have so many people that love and want what’s best for them. 
We have always had a testimony of adoption.  The spirit always told me that this would be a path we would be on someday.  It is not a path that we are saddened about.  We feel honored and grateful for the spiritual experiences, answers to prayers and even the trials that have brought us here.  The time is now.  There is no doubt in our hearts that our family is ready for what Heavenly Father has in store for us. We pray for you and your family.  May you be blessed and the Spirit be with you. 

With our fondest love,
Clark, Tracie and Carter


Just The Beginning

(This post was originally posted on May 3rd. )

After school today Carter and I had a very important stop to make.  My emotions were high on the short drive to our destination. So many thoughts were running through my head... but one thing I knew for certain... today was the right day to start an adventure that will change our family forever. 
As we drove Carter held the manila envelope tightly in his hands. Inside were just a few sheets of paper filled out neatly and with care. He had lots of questions and I answered them all as honestly as I could...while trying to not get too "grown up" in my explanations. 
We held hands and wore smiles as we walked in through those doors.  Inside was quiet but soon, a friendly smile greeted us, and JUST like THAT... we were done.
Step One... Check.
We have just started the adoption process.