Monday, May 20, 2013

Just The Beginning

(This post was originally posted on May 3rd. )

After school today Carter and I had a very important stop to make.  My emotions were high on the short drive to our destination. So many thoughts were running through my head... but one thing I knew for certain... today was the right day to start an adventure that will change our family forever. 
As we drove Carter held the manila envelope tightly in his hands. Inside were just a few sheets of paper filled out neatly and with care. He had lots of questions and I answered them all as honestly as I could...while trying to not get too "grown up" in my explanations. 
We held hands and wore smiles as we walked in through those doors.  Inside was quiet but soon, a friendly smile greeted us, and JUST like THAT... we were done.
Step One... Check.
We have just started the adoption process.

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