Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer writing

This summer has gone by way too fast and I suddenly feel like fall is crashing in on me (despite the heat). As I look back I can see all the things I did right. The fun times we had...and then I see the things I meant to do, but never got around to it.  Today I finished one of those "meant to do" items.

I have been trying to have some sort of school.project everyday. Whether that was a math worksheet, reading,  or even calculating money and differences etc.  We have learned about several different countries too.  But the ONE thing C struggles with... The ONE thing he despises more than writing. He hates it. And it breaks my heart because I know how it feels. 

It is hard to love something that you don't excel in. He has always struggled with his handwriting and last year several girls in his class would make fun of it. I know how he feels.  I never had good handwriting either. It is something that I struggled with all through school.
But I practiced.  I copied. I saw someone's pretty handwriting and tried to duplicate it.  I would write each letter until I found one I loved and then I would practice that one until it was just right and easy for me to do.

Now I love writing. I still prefer a pen a paper to typing although I think I'm pretty fast at that too.  I want Carter to like writing. I want him to have confidence with his words. I want him to practice.

So I saw an idea we just had to try. A mom and Carter journal.  A place where I can probe his thoughts.  A place where he can share ideas.  It's just for me and him. No one else.  And I can't wait to see how it goes.  And I can't wait for him to look back someday and be able to see how far he has come.

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